hinidas: a bespoke personal training consultancy

hinidas draws upon a wealth of professional knowledge and expertise to provide safe, in-depth fitness guidance and nutritional support to those wanting to activate, develop and sustain their physical wellbeing, now and for the longterm.

Our coaches are certified in:

L3 Personal Training (Transcend / Future Fit)

L2 Fitness Instruction (Transcend / Future Fit)

L2 Mountain Bike Leader (MIAS)

Circuit Training

Functional Training

Weight Management & Nutrition

L2 Mountain Bike Leader (MIAS)

Outdoor First Aid 

Public Liability Insured

Registered Member of CIMPSA

Yoga Practice

hinidas founder and coach


Living in rural Scotland is undoubtedly a world or two away from London's dizzying West End where my husband and I first met (he strumming guitar in the orchestra and me on the stage) those many moons ago but, here in the foothills of the beautiful Ochils, we have returned home to a magical place where we can continue to work, play, create and grow. 


Surrounded by forests and waterfalls in which we run, cycle , hike and swim, we are making our first steps towards living sustainably as we raise our young family and develop a very small, smallholding. Here is where hinidas was born, an opportunity to interweave our skills and expertise with our core values to encourage ourselves and others to enjoy living a healthy, active and realistic lifestyle. 

The crucial skill which sustained me throughout a diverse and rewarding performance career was the ability to maintain a secure and strong physical technique. From West End musicals (Wicked, The Lion King) to Shakespeare (Regent's Park) to Hollywood films (Harry Potter, Alexander), this hidden core power allowed me to remain injury-free and enabled me to take on the most unexpected of things thrown my way.


As my focus shifted, this tool continued to prove invaluable. Having experienced the long journey of returning my body back to fitness after the birth of our twins, I know first hand the importance, both mentally and physically, of establishing a positive and empowering  practice within each day and my core strength and awareness of alignment underpinned this recovery. It was not easy and the difficult days often outnumbered the good. But, as I began to enjoy and embrace new outdoor adventures, I found a surge of energy from the natural environment that helped revitalise me mentally and restore some much needed perspective. Be it skiing, cycling, surfing or running to the school gates, the outdoors has become our playground.


hinidas is my belief that, with a well-cared for, well-nourished and well-lived body, we can liberate ourselves to take advantage of life's possibilities, both little and big. Each day can be led with confidence and vitality. And this shouldn't cost the earth, literally or financially. We know the old mantra that anything of value takes work and I think each and everyone of us is worth the time and effort.

I hope to encourage you to take the time to ready your body for the challenges ahead and to equip you with the skills to remain physically engaged throughout your whole day whether sitting at the desk, hoovering or out on the mountain riding that wave.