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natural fit

hinidas combines functional movement with a carefully designed outdoor cardio programme to create an invigorating bespoke body conditioning practice which will challenge, develop and inspire you to get out into the Scottish landscape.

With focus on correct alignment, we work with you in the privacy of our woodland studio on the engagement of your core-stability and the natural enhancement of long, lean muscle through own-body weight resistance exercises. 


We believe in sharing knowledge: providing you with the tools with which you can understand, appreciate and activate your own body in order to live everyday with poise, balance and hidden-strength. 

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At hinidas, we value each client as unique and we take the time and care to fully understand your needs and aspirations. 


Providing expert guidance with wrap-around support, our individually tailored programmes aim to fully realise your physical health potential. Face-to face sessions are undertaken in our own private woodland studio here in the Scottish Ochil Hills allowing you to build confidence away from the glare of a conventional gym.


By exploring new routines, expanding physical vocabulary and integrating healthy nutritional choices, we create realistic habits to build happy and sustainable lifestyles where the potential in your everyday can be realised.

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dynamic progress

12 week programme

  • weekly one hour private session in our private woodland studio

  • face-to-face or online

  • a pre-programme 30 minute consultation 

  • full postural analysis

  • personalised body conditioning sequences which safely and securely encourage good alignment, develop strength and promote flexibility

  • a weekly activity plan designed to encourage, support and help you achieve your objectives

  • targeting cardio fitness, muscular strength, joint mobility & overall flexibility to maximise performance and prevent injury

  • evidence-based nutritional advice

  • personal support via email, chat and video

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one-to-one private sessions 

  • face-to-face with sessions in our private woodland studioor online

  • posture check

  • guided cardiovascular warm-up

  • introduction of own body weight resistance training 

  • core strength exercises

  • guided stretch and cool-down

  • 90 minutes is recommended for your first session to allow time to make a detailed assessment of your needs and ability

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